Political Platform

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Line-Item Veto

Whether I favor this or not is dependent on who the President is (of course). This is fraught with risk. It would be better to have a stable process for our Congress to vote on the bills, bills which are more efficient, and with less cost. Suppose that in the Congress a bill is proposed. It is not a single topic bill. It is a bill with a major actionable topic, but it also contains a variety of smaller actionable topics. Therefore, if the bill is passed, all the topics are passed. But supposing you agree with the main topic but not one of the small me-also topics? What to do. If you vote for the bill because you favor the main topic, but had to vote “for” even though you were against one of the smaller provisions, your constituents might hold you accountable for voting “in favor” that which they were against (and you were against it too); but you had to do it otherwise the main topic of the bill wouldn’t have passed. I am AGAINST this practice of politics. I am in favor of two categories of bills. The first is a single-topic bill. The second is an “Omnibus Bill”, which would be composed of many smaller topics, none of which would be considered major.