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Marko for Congress



I believe that a U.S. Representative should be “contactable”! ! !

1) If you send me postal mail, only I will receive it.

2) If you send me an email, it will come directly to me.

3) If you call my telephone number, only I will answer it.

4) If you knock on my door, I’m not sure who will open it.

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First Point-of-Contact: Marko
Primary telephone number: (407) 361-5461

Contact me with the form below (political email):

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Lessons in Life and Politics abound near and far, from the past to the present. And; strategies in war and conflict can yield lessons-learned. “Individuals such as Alexander are so conspicuous in strategic history because they excel in the art of strategy. This is a noteworthy attribute since strategy is such a complex and challenging activity. The complexity of strategy is such that achieving a satisfactory end state at reasonable cost, and within a reasonable time frame, is often elusive. Strategy is here defined as an art, not a science. This is done to reflect the fact that there are no formulas for strategic success. Every strategic context is unique, and therefore requires its own unique mixture and application of strategic assets.” (David J. Lonsdale, from the book Alexander the Great – Lessons in Strategy).


We the people of the United States of America are engaged in many battles. These range from battling the local thugs and miscreants, who prey upon the vulnerable members of our society, to those jihadists and international terrorists who threaten our very society. Our weaknesses and vulnerabilities are exploited by our enemies at every opportunity. Our efforts to combat and foil the malevolent forces are feeble, disjointed, and a hodge-podge of myopic, individual actions, plans, and strategies. Not all in authority are capable of the generalship needed to marshal our forces against the threat. It requires a concerted, unified, integrated effort by leaders with a mastery of technology and innate, skilled artistic visions to meld our resources into a force for success.

Leaders and spirited citizens are needed at all levels of our society, both in politics and in the private sector. I call myself the Citizen Warrior, because I have personally engaged forces and influences in our government, which I do not reflect the values which made our country great. I am more than concerned; I am fearfully worried, distressed and frightened, as I witness the deterioration of our country’s foundation. I am so alarmed that I am running for Congress, not as a politician, for I am NOT a politician, I am a Citizen Warrior and I decided to fight for the values of our founding fathers which created the foundation of our great country. We are now confronted with the “Gordian Knot” – we need a Warrior.


The historically fabled “Gordian Knot” of yesteryear and Alexander the Great has relevance in today’s challenges. At one time, the Phrygian people in Gordium (modern Turkey) were without a king. A knot was created by the father of King Midas with the prophesy that whoever untied the knot would become the next king and rule all of Asia. It is said that when Alexander the Great arrived in 333 B.C. he was confronted with the prophesy and the Gordian knot, a seemingly intractable problem. Alexander was creative and without hesitation, allegedly dispatched the knot by a powerful slash of his sword. Today, we would conclude that creative thinking, “outside the box”, can solve the unsolvable challenges – think the Citizen Warrior.

“When Alexander the Great visited Diogenes and asked whether he could do anything for the famed teacher, Diogenes replied: 'Only stand out of my light.' Perhaps someday we shall know how to heighten creativity. Until then, one of the best things we can do for creative men and women is to stand out of their light.” John W. Gardner; 1912 – 2002, Leader, author, activist, educator.