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It is believed by many that any engineer can develop a solution to any problem, given enough time and through the use of comprehensive design characteristics. However, the difference between this solution and one which is simple, by comparison, and still meets all the requirements is innovation. Innovation takes the known and adopts it in new and different ways. It might be termed the “minimalistic approach” since the more simple the solution, the more elegant it is compared to the larger, complex solution, which does not provide a better solution. I believe that elegance in solutions are best obtained through the application of innovation.

In the world of politics, it should be a goal of everyone to do more, do it better, and do it at a less cost. All too often the outcomes fall short of this objective because of egotism and the biases of politicians who are influenced by other factors from other sources. I hope that voters will consider the intrinsic values of the candidates and vote accordingly.