Political Platform

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Campaign Fund Raising

Big Money gets big results. Yes, in the race for U.S. Representative Florida District 9, there is Big Money. This consists of Big Money from Political Action Committees, Big Money that is personal, and Big Money that derived from political donations. Those Democratic and Republican candidates who I expect to win in the primaries are beneficiaries of Big Money. And then there is “Marko4Congress” – ain't no Big Money here and don’t expect any robo-calls from me asking for donations. I don’t like to receive those robo-calls from others and you’ll never get any from me. It is a recognized “truism” that there is a very strong correlation between the size of the campaign coffers of the candidates and the outcome of the election. Perhaps I am too altruistic. I don't believe that money should determine the winner of an election, but I also recognize that most all others with this value were not successful in their quest for election. As I have said before, I believe in Integrity, and I can promise you that I will wager the best political campaign I can, with creativity and ingenuity being relied on more than any meager donations I may receive.