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This is a very real and growing threat to the security of the United States and our very way of life. It is unconventional warfare, which many cannot comprehend. I think of our Revolutionary War when our upstart, backwoods citizen-patriots faced the stiff-as-starch, straight back, rigid formation of British and European military forces. It was a time of changing military tacks. Faced with unconventional warfare, the British were slow to respond and faithfully stuck to their combat by-the-numbers. We are now faced with the “new-warfare” and we have changed our tactics to meet this new challenge. Still, there is much more that can be done and must be done. Unfortunately, there are still too many who are slow to change to meet the new threat whose centerpiece is terrorism. We MUST to do a better job of evolving our tactics and techniques to combat this threat. There are many aspects to this, far too many to address in this limited forum – even so, I’ll address a few. One concern is the mentality of our forces and our citizenry. When 9-11 occurred, it was the unbelievable unfolding before us and it took such a horrific even to jar our mentality. About five months prior to 9-11, I personally encountered an International terrorist. It took me a few minutes to process the information and realize the importance of what I just experienced. I then called 911 and got no help and was referred to another number and agency. I called them and again was referred to someone else. Later, I finally was speaking to an FBI agent on duty, but the person thought I was an irrational, delusional person who had no credibility. Days later, I finally had several, in-person interviews. If that same event happened today, my phone call would receive immediate action. For those who wish to learn more of my experience, click here. It was years later that my small business changed direction and began to develop a specialized information acquisition, management and distribution system, with the experience of my encounter with the International terrorist in my thoughts. Today, this system is ready for adoption and implementation. More information is available at my business website, http://www.vitastarsoutions.com, or click here. If my bid for political office is successful, I will place this business in a blind trust to prevent any conflict of interest. At one time, our country relied heavily on Human Intelligence (HUMINT) obtained through personnel in the field. Under one administration this changed and our capacity in this important area ceased and our total effort for intelligence shifted to Signal Intelligence (SIGINT). We paid the price for the lack of HUMINT in Iraq in our assessment of Weapons of Mass Destruction. All sources and capabilities must be exploited and used to maximum extent possible to combat the challenge of Terrorism warfare. We have made tremendous advances in this area and we must not lessen our commitment to this battle. Because of its intrinsic nature, the battle is subtle and is mostly invisible. Attacks come without notice and they can be very deadly. This war is not gauged by body-count. There are other measures, but in the end it is the control of a population and even a country. The battle is global and is actively taking place in many different parts of the world. Our ability to successful fight this war depends on the creativity and commitment of our leaders. I have a great worry about our success, and by success I don’t mean a specific battle or event, for the outcome of this war won't be known for generations to come. Our forces and capacity to engage the enemy may be significant, but ultimately they are dependent on the political leaders of our country. And, if we don’t elect leaders with the skill, experience, technical awareness, and values and commitment of our founding fathers, the prognoses is gray. However, a ray of optimism and hope is that each time our country was in peril, the American people rose to the challenge and prevailed.