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Marijuana (Cannabis) and Experimental Drugs

I am against legalizing marijuana as a recreational drug. I do favor medical marijuana with strict controls. I believe that it has been well-established that medical marijuana does have a very beneficial effect in stopping convulsions and is beneficial for certain other medical conditions. This issue will be put to vote in this November’s election in Florida, after approval to be on the ballot was provided by the Florida State Supreme court. I am very much in favor of the type of marijuana that has been produced, which has more of the medical component and less of the “get-high” component. In a related issue, I believe that the Federal Food and Drug administration should provide approval to use experimental cancer drugs for terminally ill cancer patients. If the person has limited time to live, experimental drugs should be authorized, with the doctor’s recommendation. It is an opportunity to test experimental cancer drugs, which I believe will accelerate testing and will ultimately may be a quicker path to finding a cure. It will also allow desperate, dying cancer patients a ray of hope and give them a chance to contribute in the process of finding a cure or better treatment AND will not cause desperate people to travel overseas to try some quackery-cure in a country with poor health standards.