Political Platform

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Gay Marriage

I believe in freedom for the individual and freedom of choice and equal opportunities under the law. Certainly, the U.S. Supreme Court agrees with me having recently agreed that the surviving member of a same-sex couple could receive Federal benefits. I am a firm advocate and supporter of traditional marriage and believe that this is the basic unit of any successful society – a man and woman in marriage with children born of that marriage. Why, why, why must one element of society insist on attacking another element of our society? Same sex couples can be legal partners, with the same legal rights as married couples. Why must they insist on using the name “marriage” to describe their legal relationship. I believe this is wrong. Perhaps it is only semantics but why create the divisiveness by wanting the term “marriage”, in addition to their legal relationship. I am against this – period. On a related note, one of my escapes of life-stresses is to jog in remote areas. My favorite area is a State owned Forest Wildlife and Environmental Area. It is frequented by families and nature lovers. I often see family on their outings, parents with little children, people with cameras, and other joggers like myself. I am also distressed that this area is frequented by homosexuals as a hook-up, rendezvous location. I don’t care what they do in the privacy of their own, but NOT in public, family areas. Why must one element of society inflict their “nature” upon the public? This is not right.