Political Platform

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American lives were lost, while we stood transfixed with no leadership to IMMEDIATELY respond. This was shameful and a disgrace. This violated every principle of our warrior code and fighting spirit. We always, immediately respond to the fullest extent possible to help our warriors in time of peril, particularly when they are under attack. We run toward the sound of the gunfire – this is tradition, this is honor, this is the American spirit. It is our instinct. It is our code. I will not dissect the tragedy but will provide a few comments. I have heard the argument that we didn't have the armed Air Force weapons to immediately respond; or any other quick reaction military resources. To this I say; “You can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all the people all of the time”. I was in the Middle East for 3 ½ years. I absolutely reject this lame statement – and that is all I’ll say on this point. The political forces castrated our authority to respond. To me, this is equivalent to a Courts Marital offense. The U.S. personnel on the ground behaved and conducted themselves as true warriors and heroes, and yes, they ran toward the sound of the gunfire and fighting and some lost their lives. Others did survive and I am proud and honored to know of their actions. While individual warriors ran toward the gunfire, our political leaders quickly sought political refuse and deniability – disgraceful. Let me define a term. I call it the Benghazi Syndrome. It is defined as the circumstance where a government agency has all the information needed to make a decision and act, but instead takes no action and remains mute. This is the Benghazi Syndrome, or BS for short. It is an insidious affliction and is found in too many areas of our government.